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Author box is an essential part of every WordPress blog. It’s the signature to the content you and your authors produce. There are many benefits of having Fanciest Author Box on your single or multi-author website.

By displaying an author box on your posts, you’re taking care of several things:

  • Credibility
  • Reader-author connection
  • Google Authorship verification
  • Turning visitors into leads

Fanciest Author Box v2 introduces several new features and under-the-hood improvements making it one of the best author box plugins for WordPress out there:

  1. Retina Ready
  2. Pinterest widget
  3. YouTube widget
  4. Lazy load
  5. Co-Authors Plus compatibility

1. Retina Ready

We’ve implemented Genericons and made Fanciest Author Box retina-ready. The tab icons of your social widgets will be sharp and clean on any screen sizeĀ in any resolution.

Retina Ready Fanciest Author Box
Retina Ready Fanciest Author Box

Take a look at the image above or zoom in on my author box at the end of the post to see how tab icons retain sharpness in high-resolution screens.

2. Pinterest Widget

Pinterest has grown into a major social network contender. Although I haven’t used it much, quite a few of you requested the Pinterest widget, so here it is.

Pinterest widget in Fanciest Author Box
Pinterest in Fanciest Author Box v2

Hope you put it to good use as it displays several of your latest pins.

3. YouTube Widget

YouTube Widget in Author Box plugin for WordPressThe API for YouTube “Subscribe” button is quite limited, so there’s only one button option.

You can enable the widget by simply writing your channel’s name in Users > Your Profile > Fanciest Author Box User Details > YouTube.

4. Lazy Load

Version 2 of our Fanciest Author Box has several under the hood improvements. The first of which is the way author box is being loaded in your post and pages. The JavaScript and CSS are loaded only if needed, so it keeps your site performance intact.

The other improvement is that Fanciest Author Box now loads social widgets only when clicked on. This way, we’re working on keeping your page weight to a minimum while maximizing your page speed performance.

5. Co-Author Plus Compatible

Fanciest Author Box is now compatible with Co-Authors Plus plugin. With these plugins installed you can assign multiple authors or contributors to posts, pages and custom post types.

Fanciest Author Box v2 is compatible with Co-Authors Plus WordPress plugin

If you have portfolio items, articles or any other digital items where two or more people contributed, you can use Fanciest Author Box together with Co-Author Plus plugin to showcase the collaborators.

Try Fanciest Author Box v2 by visiting the home page and see what makes it The Only Author Box Plugin You’ll Ever Need.

Get Fanciest Author Box v2 at CodeCanyon

Dragan Nikolic

Dragan Nikolic

Project Manager at ThematoSoup

Author box is an essential part of every WordPress blog. It puts a face to your content and connects you with your readers.

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Dragan Nikolic
Author box is an essential part of every WordPress blog. It puts a face to your content and connects you with your readers.