Change Log

Huge thanks to all the people that suggested improvements and reported bugs.


v2.2 (05/10/2016)

  • Adds PHP 5.3 requirement
  • Fixes preg_replace deprecated call

v2.1 (09/08/2015)

  • Fixes Fanciest Author Box widget in WordPress 4.3+

v2.0.9 (3/25/2015)

  • Adds nofollow to G+ link, since Google Authorship is dead

v2.0.8 (9/5/2014)

  • Removes custom update notifier (caused false notices)
  • CSS fixes

v2.0.7 (8/20/2014)

  • Fixes Google authorship bug

v2.0.6 (6/13/2014)

  • Fixes LinkedIn tab bug when switching from LinkedIn to Google+ back to LinkedIn again

v2.0.5 (5/29/2014)

  • Improved Co-Authors Plus compatibility, latest posts tab now includes co-authored posts

v2.0.4 (5/27/2014)

  • Performance optimization, improves speed when some popular/related posts plugins are used

v2.0.3 (5/6/2014)

  • Fixes a multi-shortcode JavaScript bug

v2.0.2 (4/22/2014)

  • Fixes difference between custom tab allowed tags in user vs. global options
  • Improved default color settings
  • Fixes Facebook and LinkedIn widgets not being loaded in second author box
  • Lazy Load for improved page speed

v2 (4/17/2014)

  • Retina Ready – Uses Genericons in tabs
  • Pinterest widget
  • YouTube widget
  • CSS updates + New default skin
  • Improves method that adds author box to posts/pages automatically

v1.8 (3/13/2014)

  • Adds update notifier
  • Moves Settings page to Settings > Fanciest Author Box
  • Adds Co-Author Plus support for multi-author posts
  • Adds filter hooks (ts_fab_load_css, ts_fab_load_js) that allows developers to disable CSS and JS from being loaded. If hooking into these hooks, you need to return false
  • Adds CSS that hides author box added by several popular themes
  • Changes list of allowed tags in Custom Tab to default WordPress allowed tags (like the ones used in comments)
  • Skips expensive user queries in widget code if blog has more than 200 users

v1.7.1 (3/12/2014)

  • Updated Google+ widget (more compact, no duplicate photo)
  • Updated LinkedIn widget (more compact, no duplicate photo, details appear on mouseover)
  • Updated LinkedIn field, full profile URL can now also be used

v1.7 (3/3/2014)

  • Fixes http error in LinkedIn member profile
  • Adds filter (‘ts_fab_social_field’) that allows you to modify which user meta fields are used for social tabs – Read more

v1.6 (1/14/2014)

  • Not loading JS and CSS when not necessary
  • CSS fixes

note: If you’re using template tag to add Fanciest Author Box, since version 1.6 you need to include Fanciest Author Box JavaScript and CSS files manually. Read more at ThematoSoup documentation.

v1.5 (6/22/2013)

  • Updated Twitter API (refer to Fanciest Author Box > Tabs Settings to learn how to enable Twitter tab)

v1.4.7 (6/12/2013)

  • Bug fix, where authors who opted not to show their author box were still shown in Fanciest Author Box widget

v1.4.6 (6/9/2013)

  • Option to display author avatar above text in the author box (Avatar position: Floated left, Above text)
  • Shortcode attribute avatar=”above” that places avatar above text
  • Minor CSS fixes

v1.4.4 (4/5/2013)

  • User count check added to FAB widget, so sites with huge number of users don’t cause it to break
  • CSS updates

v1.4.3 (1/17/2013)

  • Facebook Widget fix

v1.4.2 (1/10/2013)

  • Minor bug fixes

v1.4.1 (1/5/2013)

  • Fixed Facebook widget not showing in Firefox

v1.4 (11/20/2012)

  • Bug fixes
  • Added option to manually change execution priority where Fanciest Author Box wouldn’t display, because of possible conflicts with other plugins

v1.3.3 (10/16/2012)

  • Improved Twitter caching

v1.3.2 (10/13/2012)

  • Updated Twitter API

v1.3.1 (10/9/2012)

  • Minor bug fixes

v1.3 (08/26/2012)

  • Added LinkedIn tab with Member Profile Plugin
  • Added option to show icons only in tabs
  • User profile fields now not shown for Subscribers
  • Switched Facebook widgets from iframe to HTML5 – improves performance
  • Added name linked to Facebook profile for Subscribe widget
  • Improved custom tab, allowing admin to make it possible for users to override custom tab
    content only or both title and content
  • Added RTL support
  • Added random author option to widget
  • Added Latvian translation
  • Added simplified author box to RSS feeds

v1.2.1 (08/13/2012)

  • Improved Twitter fallback, when Twitter API returns nothing
  • Fixed bug that caused javascript conflict when multiple shotcodes or template tags were used on the same page

v1.2 (07/05/2012)

  • Bug fix – overridden photo (via uploader) was showing only in bio tab
  • Added “+FirstName LastName” heading with rel=author to Google tab for author verification
  • Added custom HTML tab

v1.1 (06/18/2012)

  • Added option to disable Fanciest Author Box for individual posts, pages and custom posts using ‘ts_fab_hide’ custom field
  • Added Photo URL field to user profiles, if it has value, that URL will be used to override Gravatar image, if left empty Gravatar will be used
  • Added option to choose between Subscribe (for profiles) and Like (for pages) Facebook button